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Services All our Services are Premium! Our goal is to provide the absolute best service to all of our customers, including an efficient supply chain that provides tangible benefits to our customers. While other manufacturers have standard services and premium services (at a cost to you), all of OSECHEM’s services services are premium!

Standard Packaging

OSECHEM uses quality drums. We encourage our customers to combine orders to take advantage of lower drum differentials for products shipped from the same location.

Export Containerization

We can fill standard full 20 ft. or 40 ft. containers except where prohibited due to weight restrictions.

Lead Times

OSECHEM offers competitive lead times for our products. These lead times are generally applicable and reflect the time necessary to process and prepare a customer’s order in a safe and cost-effective manner. The lead times below are expressed in business calendar days. This is the typical time required from order receipt to order shipment.

Lube Additives (Calendar Days)

Bulk, Made-to-order      10 - 14 Days
Package, Made-to-order      10 - 14 Days

These standard lead times are for the majority of our fuel and lubricant additives and are based upon standard railcar and truck loading requirements. Your OSECHEM CSR (Customer Service Representative) will be glad to provide you with specific lead times for the products you purchase.

Product Loading & Unloading

OSECHEM uses a set of basic criteria to ensure smooth and effective loading operations. Please contact your OSECHEM Sales Representative/CSR with your special requirements.

Tanker Cleanliness

OSECHEM requires haulers to present a clean, dry, Department of Transportation (DOT) specification road cargo tank trailer at the shipping location with a cleaning certificate regardless of the nature of the cargo. Exceptions can be approved with prior written agreement.

Standard Loading Times

Package      7:00 AM - 4:00PM      Monday - Friday
Bulk      7:00 AM - 4:00 PM      Monday - Friday

Minimum Order Quantity

Drums      4 drums
Bulk      1,000 gal.

Off-Loading Hours

Our carriers allow two hours for off-loading. After two hours, an hourly fee is assessed by the carrier.

Transportation & Delivery

We have selected a limited number of reliable and quality driven partners to ensure your product is delivered under the right conditions, at the right time and to the right place.

Railcar Deliveries

Railcar Demurrage (OSECHEM supplied railcar): Demurrage will be incurred after 7 free days. Free days are from constructive placement until constructive receipt. All terms and conditions for railcar deliveries will be agreed upon prior to placement of orders. Please contact your OSECHEM Sales Representative to discuss delivery rates and options.

Primary Contacts/Order Handling

We have a centralized, multi-lingual, Customer Service Department in Lagos for our customers.

For a detailed list of your IPAC contacts, please contact your Sales Representative.

Order Entry & Acknowledgement

We are committed to entering all orders received during normal business hours (7:30 AM to 5:00 PM), within 24 hours of receipt. Our lead times are calculated from the time an order is entered into our system. An acknowledgement of your order will follow within 24-48 hours of order entry, delivered via fax or e-mail depending on your preference. OSECHEM continues to streamline the supply chain so that the majority of orders placed by telephone can be confirmed at that time, without having to reschedule production or loading.

Quality and Safety

OSECHEM’s Safety and Environmental Policy mandates that all of our products can be manufactured and used safely. This means that OSECHEM will not only comply with the relevant legal requirements but also continue to improve all matters of health, safety and environmental protection. In particular, OSECHEM will provide information to our customers to ensure the transportation, storage, and use of our products is done in a safe and responsible manner.

No Waiver Policy

We operates on a no waiver policy on supply of all products. We will not ship products that do not meet mutually agreed upon specifications, analyzed by mutually agreed upon test methods. A certificate of analysis (C of A) containing the actual analysis for each lot or batch is provided with every shipment.

Quick Turn Around Orders (QTA’s)

If you have a need for a Quick Turn Around Order (QTA), we will do everything in our power to get the order out as soon as possible without delaying other customer’s shipments. Please note that there could be extra fees associated in producing that order quickly. These fees will be explained to you up front prior to processing the order.

Split Load Orders

We offers split loads for a fee of $250.00 per truckload. Please note that split loads are also subject to the freight difference of that of single compartment loads. These are not our fees but the truck carrier fees.

Rail Car Orders

We offer shipment of our products via railcar.