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OSECHEM has been involved in the additive marketplace for some years now. From the beginning, our company has been rooted in delivering quality additives to customers and providing them with sound and cost-effective options to solve problems. We have grown as a result of that simple premise, and we have never abandoned our roots – providing you with high quality additives at the best possible prices. This philosophy combined with our expertise in the field of lubricant additives can deliver success for you, today and in the future. By working together with this goal in mind, we believe we can continue to grow together with our customers.

The mission at Osechem is simple. Satisfy our customers’ needs while building strong relationships throughout the supply chain. This provides security of supply at the lowest possible cost. We do this because we know what our customers want – reliable supply at the best possible price. We are also developing new products and programs to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. Our focus is on our customers, and by keeping your needs in mind, we know we will continue to meet mutually beneficial goals and objectives.

You can rely on our knowledge of products, markets and the industry to keep ahead of your competitors. We invite you to tap into the resources of Osechem and to work with us to find innovative solutions.

We are diverse, and we offer products across a broad range of categories. All our products are from IPAC incorporated USA, and are subjected to stringent laboratory testing for the latest requirements and specifications. Our team of researchers continually strive to meet and exceed new performance requirements. Ultimately, every quality specification requested by the end-user is met without exception. The sales personnel at Osechem are professionally trained to advise, educate, and help you solve your additive challenges. As a group, the Osechem team of professionals offers you over 50 years of combined experience in the additives, chemical and lubricants business. We are eager to provide guidance and product support to each customer regardless of size or industry. When needed, collaboration between chemists and lab technicians can be arranged to meet the latest technology demands and changes. We personally treat each customer as our most important one. We take pride in providing the personal service and attention our customers deserve. With our broad range of products and flexible solutions, Osechem truly provides world-class service.

Our customers benefit from timely quotes, low prices, high quality products, speedy deliveries, new product developments and personal attention. Professionalism, integrity, honesty, commitment and reliability are key elements of our business and our culture.

I invite you to experience the Osechem way of business! We look forward to working with you.

Sincerely, Osechem Nig. Limited.