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Viscosity Index Improvers,

IPAC can supply you with a wide range of Viscosity Index Improvers (VIIs), whether you are interested in liquids or solids. Our carefully selected polymers, added to a lubricant to improve the range of effective viscosity, are designed specifically for the lubricants market, unlike many polymers sold as VIIs into the market today. They effectively thicken the oil as temperature increases. This means that the lubricating effect of mineral oils can be extended across a wider temperature range. A balance between thickening efficiency and shear stability is important when selecting a polymer for use as a viscosity improver. IPAC VIIs give you the highest possible degree of thermal and oxidative stability when added into your formulations and blends. These components are primarily used in multi-grade engine oils, gear oils, automatic transmission fluids, power steering fluids, greases, and some hydraulic fluids. View our tips on how to set up operations to dissolve solid polymer and blend VIIs in house as well as our machinery considerations for grinding polymers.

IPAC 400 Over-base Calcium Sulfonate
IPAC 401 Over-base Calcium Sulfonate
IPAC 404B Over-base Calcium Sulfonate
IPAC 464 Neutral Calcium Sulfonate
IPAC 468B Over-base Barium Sulfonate
IPAC 499 Over-base Calcium Sulfonate
IPAC 1250C Concentrated Silicone Antifoam
IPAC 1251D Diluted Silicone Antifoam
IPAC 2113 Zinc Dialkyldthiophosphate
IPAC 2114 Zinc Dialkyldthiophosphate
IPAC 950 Polyisobutylene Succinic Andydride
IPAC 2310K Ashless Dispersant Anhydride
IPAC 2416 Over-base Calcium Akyle Phenate
IPAC 2442 Over-base Calcium Akyle Phenate
IPAC 2450 Over-base Calcium Akyle Phenate
IPAC 2454 Over-base Calcium Akyle Phenate
IPAC 2520 Demulsifier
IPAC 2617 Moly Antiwear Friction Modifier
IPAC 2619 Moly Antiwear Friction Modifier
IPAC 2625 Sulfurzed Isobutylene
IPAC 985 Seal Swell Agent

Supplemental Additives

Our research and development group continues to break new ground in creating, characterizing and commercializing new products to give our additive technologies a competitive edge. Choose from many of the advanced chemistries we employ for your compounding needs. If you don't see it here, we will strive to develop it with you.

Pour Point Depressant

Another critical polymer choice is a Pour Point Depressant (PPD), and IPAC's line of PPDs are carefully selected to provide the safest lubricant at low temperatures. PPDs are used to enable mineral oils to function efficiently at low temperatures, eliminating the harmful effects of wax and other crystallinity issues that might be encountered.


Our line of Polybutenes are chemically stable and resistant to oxidation by light and moderate heat. All grades are water white, hydrophobic and non-toxic. Our products have a narrow molecular weight distribution and negligible sulfur content. These non-polar hydrocarbon polymers have a high solubility in aliphatic, aromatic and chlorinated mediums and are compatible with a wide variety of organic materials. Our line of Polybutenes exhibit a wide range of beneficial characteristics as well as applications.


Tackifiers are used to formulate lube oils and grease that require anti-drip characteristics and/or adhesion properties, and IPAC's line of tackifiers provide the performance you need to achieve these objectives. Look to our long chain high molecular weight polyisobutylenes, diluted in oxidative stable paraffinic oil, to help solve the challenges you face.