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Hydraulic A/W Additives

Our additives are designed to extend the life of critical hydraulic systems by providing excellent antiwear protection and EP performance while also providing rust protection as well as thermal and oxidative stability. Our products meet the needs of all the major hydraulic specifications. When you blend with IPAC hydraulic A/W additives at the recommended treat rate, your products will have all the lubricating characteristics necessary to protect hydraulic systems against friction and wear, rust, oxidation, corrosion, and demulsibility. See what our hydraulic line can do for you!

R&O, Turbine Oil Additives

IPAC 7351 Premium Turbine and R & O
IPAC's Rust and Oxidation Additive is a multifunctional hydraulic and turbine oil additive package which contains metal passivators for compound stability and longer fluid life. These packages provide excellent oxidative stability and outstanding rust and corrosion inhibiting properties. Formulated for fluids used in wet conditions at high temperatures and pressures, they are specifically designed to resist oxidative degradation from high temperature turbine operations.

Form Release

Using IPAC’s innovative additive system, a high performance, biodegradable form release oil can be formulated easily and effectively.  It creates a universal barrier release for all concrete form operations and provides optimum release characteristics for aluminum, steel, plywood (with or without oil), rubber, epoxy, urethane and coated Styrofoam forms. It can be easily sprayed, swabbed or brushed, and also serves as an excellent protector for spatter and mixer applications.

Metal Working

IPAC 2200 Emulsifier
IPAC 2209 Rust & Corrosion
IPAC 2225 Emulsifier
IPAC 2226 Emulsifier with Rust Inhibitor
IPAC 2632 Extreme Pressure
To meet the needs of the rapidly evolving metalworking market, you need metalworking fluids that deliver superior lubricating, cooling and protection capabilities.  That’s why IPAC is constantly developing new chemistry and offerings to help you produce high-performance fluids for removing, forming, protecting and treating metal.